In the unforgiving heat of a summer afternoon, I took a walk with my oldest friend.  As we walked he said to me, “We only know that we are finite because we understand infinity.  The same way that you know that you are yourself because you sense that I am separate from you.”   I could feel the sun burning the skin on my bare shoulders, but I was enjoying the spread of change in those few moments. We need those inverses to understand ourselves.

When I got home that evening, I wrote a poem for my friend called Holy in the Infinite, and it kindly loaned its name to this collection of verse.

As you take your time here, I hope you find moments that resonate with you.  We all find ourselves in moments of extreme gratitude, also moments of extreme sadness.  At times we dance with exuberance, other times we take refuge in silence.  Sometimes we search for love and companionship, other times we seek solitude. We have all walked on both city sidewalks and barefoot on dirt paths.  I encourage you to appreciate your own inverses.

I hope you find here all those temporal moments of grace, and at the same time, those graceful moments of time passing.

Be brave.

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