City Limits

It’s always nice to think about
raising the dead
to find them again
tangible and deep.
but you come to find
that the earth has changed them
into someone
you no longer recognize.

because with you
I was as wide
as the night sky
I was without boundary

you and I
were without
the city limits
beneath our feet

Unknown to me as the fall
light slipping away for the season

I don’t have a beginning
a good place to start
there is no first word in my story

I hardly remember the
beginning of my own existence
my first lonely
cry in the night.

I could only tell you
the ending

I’m certain now
I wasn’t born for a prophecy
I wasn’t meant for a mad season of hope.

Should I go now?
Leave the memory of me behind
for you to find later.
for familiarity
is a feeling
reserved for someone
already lost.

if you should have a world
no matter how temporary
no matter how transient
let me roam free there