Holy in the Infinite


January 2017

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #159

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #159 (24 January 2017)

In this dark winter
I have waited for your light
How can I find you?


Umbrella (8 January 2017)

I will write your name
with my finger
on the window
So you will only reveal yourself to me
when the rain falls
and the glass fogs over
like tonight

Do you know what it is
to be desired?
To have her beg for you,
like the dark rough of the earth
beneath her hand?

You have been sad
since you first opened your eyes
on this earth.
But your silence
rests patiently in my palm.

Our city crumbles
beneath cast-iron skies
and a whispering of wings.
Is there a place you could love
without the darkness?
Without a wandering heart?
Why do you crave
the light without shadow?

Slow down,
when the air between us
is warm
and you are the mirror of me
beneath the sheets,
and the sky threatens
to crash down on us

Come back to me
Warm me
I would tremble all night with you
And the night would bear witness
Until the morning train
comes to steal my name from your tongue

With ash in my mouth,
I will return to my silent house,
where blackcurrant and rosemary grows
on the side of the road.
And I will discover,
in the drenching rains,
you have forgotten your umbrella.

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