Holy in the Infinite


October 2016

Lay the Wind to Rest

Lay the Wind to Rest (14 October 2016)

lay the wind to rest
on the stoop
a wild brush stroke
golden leaves
and my worn-sole shoes
sighing my name
back to the streets

drifting mist
clings like ghosts
to pines
graceful bones
in the wind
the arched back
of a dancer

I drift now
the same dance
in the wave
the heart of the storm

the way the tea
and spreads

in the cup

the rain
washes away
the stars
leaving the sky
so dark and lonely
the moon in my hand

and i wonder where
you might have gone

and i turn your silence
in my hand
like a coin.

Tell Me

Tell Me (Bonnie’s Poem) – 3 October 2016

tell me
where does your sadness sit?
does it whisper,
wrapping itself
round your ribcage
and down your spine?

does it sit in your chest
in the soft skin
and thinning paper
of your heart
pulling at the layers
peeling back
the hurt
one at a time
until all that is left
is the rough of salt
in your throat?

does it run
each beat
in your blood
the way vinegar
refuses to mix with the oil
in my tiny Japanese bowl

I’m the only one now
who remembers
our particular passage,
how we used to be.
But here,
tape paper over window
to keep out the draft.

My sadness sits
in empty hands
the way the ache
burrows down into bone.

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