Oh, Honey (25 August 2016)

Light slants easy
across the page
you’re sweet
on my tongue
like the flesh of figs
like jam

all these words
stick to my fingers
like the honey
you fed me

sugar sweats
settles to stillness
at the bottom of the mug
stirred with that last
sweep of the spoon

low tones
in the earth
the beginning of a hymnal storm
that leave you
spirit shivering
dampened and opened
turning towards sun

let me tell you
it aches to be stardust
watching yourself change
to see the sun
through your skin

oh, honey
tell me what it’s like
to walk into the wind
because my body
doesn’t recall how this goes,
how to get back
to the darkened earth
and the night sky.
save me a place
if I ever I should drift
from you