Holy in the Infinite


July 2016


Untitled (22 July 2016)

do you believe me
to have moved on?
that I have forgotten
the lines of your face?
do you think I walk now
in a universe that moves
parallel to your own?
nothing could be further
from the truth.
the ache in my bones
holds no comparison
to the space in my heart
where I wait,
patient, for your return.
I linger in the places
that you and I loved
begging for memory,
hoping to be reminded
there is more than this,
more than darkness
and disease.

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #158

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #158 (22 July 2016)

and when I saw you
my whole heart came back to me
whispering, welcome home

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #157

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #157 (15 July 2016)

I cried out for you
but was answered with silence,
dark and expansive

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #156

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #156 (12 July 2016)

my darkest moment
out on these high, holy seas,
turning you away

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #155

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #155 (8 July 2016)

counting the mornings
since I last heard your whisper.
alone with my thoughts

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #154

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #154 (30 June 2016)

I would give it all,
empty all of my pockets,
just to see your face.

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