Holy in the Infinite


January 2016

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #67

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #67 (31 January 2016)

take me by the hand
reveal what I have not seen
bring me close to you

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #66

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #66 (30 January 2016)

comfort all my fears
all of my indecision,
all of my secrets

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #65

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #65 (29 January 2016)

If I called for you,
would you find me in the night?
would you come back home?

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #64

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #64 (28 January 2016)

Teach me your body
The winding path to follow
The curve of your hip

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #63

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #63 (27 January 2016)

roaming voiceless graves
seeking what I left behind
the dark, beckoning

Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time (26 January 2016)

The simple movement
of his hand is a stranger
an unfamiliar gesture
as he reaches
to brush my temple

Ordinary and surprising
changing me to
see instead the orchards
instead of those frail
broken branches

Winter feels
so relentless
freezing, bringing me
to the old footpath
under construction

But now I notice
that along the fence
tiny flowers
just might be coming
as if that miracle
is the most ordinary

how I took
my foot off the gas
and kept moving
gathering speed

Perhaps my poems
are usually heavy
songs of grief
banded by lonely
leaden skies

But this verse
is swollen with grace
little gentle hope
with waking up
to sunlight on the sill

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #62

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #62 (26 January 2016)

winter nights summon
somber churchyards of my youth
hushed, holy, haunted


Nameless (25 January 2016)

For centuries
I was nameless

I was as holy
and as infinite
as the

Only recently
I was touched with
this name,
this darkness
with bitterness,
as the creases
in my palms

I’ve been searching
for one
will recognize
the pouring rains
on my skin
who will
stand in the fields
of wildflowers and mist
and not find
the reaching lines

Who will touch me
in ways I don’t know
seeking paths
Who will touch me
in the place
there is no name for

Who will
into the wind
Who will go past
my body
Past the mountains
and oceans
of my name
And who will find
what rests beyond,
what is nameless

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #61

Haiku for the Lonely-Hearted #61 (25 January 2016)

still chanting your name
this daily devotional,
futile litany

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