Holy in the Infinite


October 2015


Wandering (19 October 2015)

If you came to me,
I could be your comfort

If you lay with me
I could be your symmetry

Your face aligned with me
My hands, my mind, my wandering

I leave you with this still life
the burden of a truth on the pillow

I have dreamt of you, and your wandering,
for a thousand years

and in your gentle leaving
you’re neither here nor there

and this morning, I remembered you,
wandering, gone from my hands


Meridians (6 October 2015)

Driving down this lonely road
towards the city and I’m chasing

the dividing line of autumn
when the leaves turn yellow

and the sky is low and heavy
grey as your eyes all those months ago

reminds me of the night
the warmth of my southern hemisphere

flush along your chest,
against the safety of your expanse

as we ran parallel to one another
breathless, away from the morning

Where Were You?

Where Were You? (5 October 2015)

where were you
when I was alone
and bleeding
for breath
for my voice
to call for you
and I was choking
on dirt
and stars

where were you
when I was blinded
and shaking,
when my wildness
turned to a weary whisper
covered by the crashing
and crying around me

where you were you
as the sky
as amaranthine
as bloody
as the ground
his brother was laid to?

where were you
when I was as fragile
as the leaves
trembling in my hand
and the leavings
patiently in my shoes?

where were you
when I was changing
into the sky?

where were you
when the heavens
turned tumultuous
and the winds
and the trees
and I
were shrieking
crying out

and my voice was swallowed
into the nothingness
on those endless fields?



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