Holy in the Infinite


September 2015


Faith (15 September 2015)

I can see now
faith doesn’t always come
with revelation.

To lay awake at night
asking for a sign
isn’t the way to go.

Faith is understanding
that in all my sleepless nights
you are still with me.

So now I find you
in the yellow light
through the trees
and this new orange autumn
and the quiet solitude
on paths damp with sorrow
and leaves

But how can I know
what is happening to me
if I can’t hear

In Your Humming

I dreamt a temple
light slanting glow
on the indigo tile
One singer there
chanting low
with a thousand voices

I stood in the doorway
of morning
for an invitation
to sing with you

And I was but
a single note
in your humming

Your First Morning

Your First Morning (9.7.15)

Can we reminisce,
just for a moment,
about your first morning?

How the light
must have felt on your face
after knowing
only darkness?

Tell me then
about the first heat
and the sun
the rustle of the dry grass.

Do you remember the first rain?
Did you think you might
be weeping the heavens
down your cheeks?

The winds playing your hair
offering you what you thought
might be forever,
before it slipped through your fingers.

And what about the first night
the moon pulling you back
to the cool air comfort
of being swaddled in stars.

Seasons slip through me
as I lay here
as if
I am the pilgrimage
as if
I am the day’s journey
to the unknown.

In all my stillness,

What is this wildness?

The Bluest Sky I Have Ever Seen

The Bluest Sky I Have Ever Seen

We lowered
your father into the earth

beneath the bluest sky
I have ever seen

We buried him
with roses
and handfuls of earth

solemn as the bluest sky
I have ever seen

And you sat down
next to him
on the ground

under the bluest sky
I have ever seen

Unable to realize
the impossibility
of what was happening

crying to the bluest sky
I have ever seen

And I thought of
his constant love for you
still unchanged, as expansive

as true as the bluest sky
I have ever seen

And as we turned to go
you held my hand and whispered
now what?

beneath the bluest sky
I have ever seen

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