Holy in the Infinite


August 2015

Fire Sign

Fire Sign (24 August 15)

the saying goes
morning only
comes through
the night,
through the shadows

the mountains
have been
on fire
for weeks now
undoing everything
I’ve been taught
about daylight
in darkness

even in the night
the flames devour me
and I
I still can see
your shadow
passing in front of me
in the glow

and all our halted
prayers for soaking rain
have been answered
with a different
indifferent rain
of embers
blown from the sky

turning to dust
leveling history
choking the hillside
lingering flames
smoldering to exhaustion

see through the smoke
teach me
how to feel
to believe
when I cannot see

this is our element
I would hold
tame them,
pass my burning
to you
if I could trust
you would not
turn to ash

For When You Go

For When You Go (17 August 2015)

you were the stillness in the storm
you were the heat in the hold
you were the heartbeat
under my hand

you were my faith in the quiet
while the radiator
mumbled and steamed
in the corner

I’ve surrendered
to all your letters that come
well after you’ve gone

I’ve been learning the lines
of your silence
and all your secrets
come in winter whispers

you slipped from me
and left the hush lingering
tapping its toes, waiting
for the wildness to return

open the window
let grace trickle in
hope glowing
on these old wooden floors

how you stain me still


Brevity (8.10.15)

I was yours
for a summer night
by storms

The heat stuck to me
sweating, stifling,
pulling at my clothes

I felt the storm brewing
the heat breaking
down my spine
across my plains

I was quivering
with thunder
under your hands
crying out
on the edge
of lightning

and in the sweltering
came the downpour


Cartography (8.1.15)

I wonder what it is
to call these poems
to trace my fingers on the maps
to uncover stones
to turn over my palms
I wonder what it is
to chase these lines
down the page
and not find you

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