Holy in the Infinite


June 2015

Set Me Afire

Set Me Afire (18 June 2015)

Set me a table
with bowls filled of flowers
jars of honey
and the staining sweetness
of blushing nectarines.
Set me free of this winter
and find summer
on my burning skin.

Bring me poetry
verse bound with the twine
that will bind our wrists
Bring me closer to you
beneath blankets
where beauty and bravery
beating back against the night.

Press the flowers you found
in the pages of my notebook
for me to find in a year.
Press your initials
into my spine
in the bath.
Press me past the lines
of comfortable familiarity
and into awareness.

Hold me to my promises
when I say I’ll never let go.
Hold me captive in the sheets
well into that glowing afternoon.
Hold me to you
until it is impossible to tell
where each stop and begin.

Set me afire
Set me ablaze
leaving my skin burning
leaving me to wander
our fiery sky.
Set me a sunset
splashed crimson
as if the heavens stole
bowls of flowers
from our table
as honey
staining the clouds
like the flesh of nectarines.
Set me free of this place
knowing you
will bring me home.


Crown (Finally finished 6-15-2015)

I came to you
with a crown of daphne
and roses
entwined in my hair
my dress
like golden leaves
and shining
with strands
of silver
with strands
of spring

I was as vibrant
as the poppies
that sprawled
lush beneath my feet
and lulled me to sleep
and the blush
of those daphne
spread to my cheeks
leaving me ever inflamed

This was all
but a hollow ritual
and I found
that you were only ash
through my fingertips

and I was
weeping water
an ache
that stained every inch
of myself
with you.
I twisted despair
through my braids
with the blooms
and thorns
my curls were shorn
I dressed myself in
with the empty artifacts
of your affection
wrapped round my wrists

I cried out for you
against the silence
to come to me
as the twisted vines
of lies and loss
wound round my arms
and tangled my ankles
leaving me barefoot
staining the dress
with strands of silver
with blood
vibrant as the poppies
as brilliant
as the crown of daphne
and roses


Arrival (29 May 2015)

When I arrived here
I thought
This town is just on loan to me
for the season

the sunrise
was always just
an afterthought
of my sleepless nights

I see now
that when I checked
my living for cracks
I should have checked myself
but I slipped away from me
unaccustomed to the attention

I wonder now
if I put off love too long
hardened my heart
one too many times

I wonder if I could break
into a million pieces
and if I scattered enough
light along the way
to fill the cracks
of my living

I never wanted to live on the surface
I wanted the layers
I wanted to realize you deeply
at the water droplets
on the back of your knees
from the bath

I wanted to sense the future
and hold you to my past
I wanted to stop
listening for the dead
on this creaking passage

If this was the last time
we would see ever one another
I would hope you would remember
the image
of me standing in the road

changing in the heat
of the summer
coming towards you
strewn with flowers
how we always imagined

of my knocking fate
poetry in my hands

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