Holy in the Infinite


November 2014

a grace uncommon

a grace uncommon (10.13.14)


there’s been a shift since equinox

and mornings, fogged and grey,

making it hard to see the future,

to know what it is

I truly hope for

as the sharpness of a chill

unrelenting in my chest

conflicts with

the softened edges

of my vision.

as cool and lush

as the feathered ravens

winging away.


and colder mornings

robust and joyous

come all the time now

sending away those

haloed harvest moons

and bone-chilled birch trees

giving way to stillness

in those last few moments

as light comes through the

crevasse at the edge of time

bleeding red

naming the morning

and all the languages

of other lands come back to the same sound

those names for God

of blessing the morning

of knowing the night

to rejoice in a new day


This mornings,

all those sounds of aums


tore me at the altar of dawn

leaving me

running red

words from my wrists

trembling at the change


And as your own dawn breaks

within yourself

some otherness

that you recognize

is just you


coming home to yourself

as light stretches out across the sky



this is your glorious benediction


this is your morning

your grace


Temples Rising in the Distance

Temples Rising in the Distance (Here) – (11.6.14)

Jordan’s Poem


Here. he says

Here is home

There, where I was born

there are only

temples rising in the distance

nestled in those landlocked mountains.


Gesturing towards the sky

Sweeping it of stars

And conjuring winds

To catch leaves in spirals

on darkening streets

in a moment of stillness

at the beginning of the rain

that rain of him

and me

that would drench us


Those calling birds

in murmuration

Here, he said

Here is home

Here the future unfolds


Wishing I could gather those stars

Wrap him in light

in safety,

I turn from him

and lift my face to the mist

to hide the tears.

I close my eyes,

feeling the all-too familiar slide

and surprisingly

he reaches out to steady me


Somewhere between there and here

we lost our way,

but he doesn’t seem to mind

Here, he said

no matter where we go

Here is home

Here the future unfolds

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