You Come Singing (9.15.14)

The stillness

of these late summer skies

makes me a little anxious


how nothing ever seems to move

and the fall is

still an interminable distance

and I am jealous

of you

of breezes

and how you both

just go


I gave my heart

to know this place

as mine.

I turned from the noise

to hold this hush,

to recognize the silence

of my own celibate season.


I went to the night

looking for some warm glow

and the night, in turn,

gave birth to new stars

but then came


as usual.



you come singing

even still.

You claimed me as yours,

just for the night,

bruising my heart

and the curve of my neck

with your fingertips,

claiming I am

raw in my disclosure

which is perhaps too accurate

too close to the bone.

For I was never one

to avert my eyes,

to pretend not to see you

or the wreckage in my wake.