Holy in the Infinite


February 2014


Surgeon (2.16.14)


Lay me down

Align the bones along my back

Starched paper gown

Cut me open, just a crack

Peer inside

Take a look

See all the times I’ve cried

Trains, daphnes, death, a book

Sterile basins, a metal tray

Use your sharpest knife

And give it all away

Without you, I come back to life.

Time to untie this knot in me

That keeps everything inside

And while you’re there

Cut out my heart and cast aside

The binding cloths that tear

The bloody wound that’s dried

And stitch up all the spaces

Where you still dwell.

Take my memory of your traces.

Let me lose your touch, your smell.

As I lay on that cold table

Use the needle, numb me through

Turn off my heat, my loss enable.

I’ll wake knowing nothing of you.

And after all you take

There will be no grief, no fears

No parts of me left to break

No you, no love, no loss, no tears


How Reassuring

How Reassuring  (2.11.14)


You go right

And I am left

But tonight

My lines and rhymes

And wit are deft

Your compass spins at every mile

You chart stormy seas and frozen ground

My reassurance all the while

Though our opposite routes are found

You press right at every trial

And to be left I’m joyfully bound

Knowing that this earth is round


Your Collar Stays

 Your Collar Stays (2.13.14)

 your collar stays

your handkerchief lingers

in the pocket of my

wool jacket

reminds me of

December’s sun

and January’s loss

your collar stays

cordovan remains

how wonderful it would be

to bottle people

like scents

and let them out

when you’re lonely.

You’re gone.

But, oh, your collar stays

And I hang my jacket

in the back of the cupboard

afraid of my pockets

The Roses Are All Tended

The Roses Are All Tended  (2.12.14)

In your yard, the Roses are all tended

Your blind illusions stand defended

But behind the doors, lurk wounds unmended

The fields of my heart turn rended

My knowing you, it seems, has ended

Perhaps all this was yours intended

And for now

In your yard, the Roses are all tended

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